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Used Xtreme Telehanders - Inventory Kentucky top

Used Xtreme Telehanders - Inventory Kentucky

It was in the Autumn of 2003, that Xtreme Manufacturing LLC became a reality after spending more that four decades in the business of heavy equipment rentals. By that time, Don Ahern had gained experience on the things which worked well and the things that did not. Like for instance, significant down time, parts that don�t perform well, and components that fail all add up to huge expenses that add up to be rather profound and often quite a bit more than just the financial investment that it takes to get the equipment running smoothly and working.

Part of the companies founding was due to attempting to further implement a Rough Terrain Telescopic Handler which can outlast and outperform all other units within the industry. First introduced to the market was the XRM945 Telehandler, and within the following few years, new models joined the lineup. Eventually, 15 units of top-of-the-line Rough Terrain Telescopic Handlers became a reality, numerous years after the first XRM945 model debuted off the assembly line.

At present, the Xtreme XR Telehandler Line is comprised from the XR4030 Xtreme Capacity Roller Boom Telehandler to the XR5919 Compact Boom Telehandler. These models are ideal for applications varying from Mining, General Construction, Energy, Oil and Gas, Marine and Infrastructure. Xtreme Telehandlers has an Xtreme XR Telehandler ideal for any task you need to get done.

During the last couple of years, the Xtreme Cube System division has considerably grown. Completely versatile and extremely capable, the Xtreme Cube System could be individually customized and tailored for any specific application. These systems are utilized in Office Space, Fluid Storage and Dispensing, Information Technology Server Rooms and Maintenance Facilities, amongst others. They are available in a variety of configurations and come with a continually evolving choice of options in order to make the Xtreme Cube System ideal for any use, regardless of how small or large.

Xtreme Manufacturing also manufactures the EZ Loader Truck Beds, which is a model that makes hauling equipment more productive while also making them safer. These units provide bed capacities between 12,000lbs to 24,000lbs, as well as the convenience of a 17 second ramp deployment. These unique combinations ensure that transporting equipment has never been easier.

The complete lineup of Xtreme products are designed and assembled within the United States. The company head office is based within Las Vegas, Nevada, which is home to the companies fabrication, engineering and assembly departments. A cohesive work environment seamless integration and communication is created by keeping each of these department leaders under one roof. The best team in the industry has been brought together to provide a variety of quality products. The company�s versatile product line reflects hard work, talent, attention to detail and extreme dedication of each of the employees.

Also, due to being centrally located within Las Vegas, located within a few miles of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the company has the unique opportunity in the business to attend a variety of the largest industry trade shows within North America. Xtreme Manufacturing has the opportunity to continually cultivate new client relationships and maintain rapport with existing ones, by regularly attending these shows particular to the General Construction and Industrial market segments.

Simply put, Xtreme Manufacturing provides machinery which works well and keeps outperforming each and every competitor in the industry. These machinery are reliable and efficient on the job-site. Even while other equipment are experiencing downtime or unable to perform, they continue to perform every day. In order to get the job done as safe as possible and increase overall productivity, Xtreme Manufacturing provides you with the equipment you require.

The company continues to rise above competition within the industry. As they look toward the future, they continually remain the leader of the pack regarding new product lines, models and available options. In every product they design and manufacture, the same attention to detail, research and development is implemented. The company expects the same amount of success with each new product launch as they have experienced with the current product lines.

Xtreme produces an extensive line of reach forklifts with 4 varieties of telehandlers, including ultra high-capacity roller booms, high-pivot roller booms, high-capacity roller booms and compact models. The only compact Telehandlers within North America with the frame sway feature are the XR621 and the XR621L. Every one of the Telehandlers provided by the company comes with standard 360-degree vision for optimum operator safety and awareness.

The XR621 is Xtreme Manufacturing�s compact Telehandler. It provides a lift height of 21 feet and a forward reach of 13 feet, with a 6000lb capacity. This unit has a heavy-duty boom and chassis and frame. It is one of the only compact Telehandlers in North America outfitted with a sway frame. While working on uneven surfaces and rough terrain, this feature helps with leveling. This unit offers world class 360 degree visibility for increased operator awareness and safety. Furthermore, there are various attachments available in order to complete any specific task.

The XR621L compact Telehandler is the newest equipment provided by Xtreme. This compact model has a lift capacity of up to 6000lbs and provides a lift height of 21 feet. This model features a low pivot boom and a forward reach of 13 feet. What distinguishes it from the XR621 is this low pivot boom. More features include a heavy-duty boom and frame and chassis, making this one of the hardiest models available within the industry.

In order to help the operator compensate during leveling operations, the XR621L compact Telehandler is amongst a small few machines that provides the frame sway function. For operator awareness and maximum safety, the XR621L offers excellent 360 degree visibility. Additionally, this unit has numerous attachments available to help you accomplish even the hardest projects efficiently and easily.

The high-pivot roller boom line from Xtreme Manufacturing is made up of 5 telehandler units. These models include the XR1255, XR842, XR1045, XR1270 and the XR1245. North America's only telehandler able to reach up to the 4 XR1270. For increased operator safety and awareness, every one of the Xtreme Manufacturing�s telehandlers has the 360-degree vision available.

Used Xtreme Telehanders - Inventory Kentucky bottom left Used Xtreme Telehanders - Inventory Kentucky bottom left